Local Water Districts – Wastewater

wastewater treatment plant

Aries Tek provides a full line of chemicals for treating wastewater, potable water and drinking water at local water districts.

Municipal clean water solutions include:

  • Foam control: de-foamers, anti-foams
  • Odor abatement: Odor counteractants and masking agents
  • Phosphate Removal: Coagulant metal-based salts
  • Potable water: Flocculant-Polyelectrolytescale inhibitors
  • Sludge dewatering aids: Flocculant-Polyelectrolyte
  • pH control: alkali (custic), acid, pH buffers

Contact Aries Tek for waste water, potable water and drinking water services. Aries Tek, chemical and biological solutions for clean water.